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Washer & Dryer

Is your washing machine making loud noises each time it reaches the spin cycle? Are the clothes still dirty when you take them out to place them in the dryer? Is it leaking or not filling up when you turn it on? If so, please call us at Metropolitan Appliance Repair right away. Our technician can ensure that you don’t have to spend a bundle on a brand-new replacement unit. When you’re having issues with your washer and/or dryer, we’re the experts in the Muskegon County area that you can rely on for prompt results and long-lasting solutions. 


We understand how time-consuming and cumbersome it can be to wash clothes by hand or visit a laundromat. That’s why we are committed to providing some of the quickest service available, so you can get the repairs needed to have your washing machine up and running again in no time. With the help of one of our speedy and precise technicians, you won’t have to watch the laundry pile up and you can get back on a normal laundry schedule right away.

Metropolitan Appliance offers washer and dryer repair for most major brands. Call us today if your washer is having any of the following problems:




With over 50 years of experience offering washing machine repair services to area residents, the pros at Metropolitan Appliance Repair have seen a wide variety of washer issues. Our technicians will carefully analyze the issues with your washer to identify what is causing the problem. Whether you need a new timer, lid switch, water pump, water inlet valve, or even a new motor, we’ve got you covered. No job is too difficult for us. 


We also provide washing machine repairs for residential models in commercial settings. For efficient and precise washer-dryer repair you can always count on, contact us today. 


  • Not Agitating

  • Not Starting

  • Not Filling

  • Not Spinning

  • Not Draining

  • Leaking

  • Overfilling

  • Stopping Mid-Cycle

  • Giving Off Strange Smells

  • Not Cleaning Clothes

  • Emitting Unusual Noises

  • Not Maintaining Temperatures

  • Broken Knobs, Dials, or Switches

  • Or Malfunctioning in Other Ways



When your clothes come out of the dryer and they’re still wet, your heart sinks. If your clothes dryer is overheating, isn’t drying, or won’t turn on at all, it’s time to turn to us at Metropolitan Appliance Service. Providing top-quality appliance repairs to home and business owners in the Muskegon County area for over five decades, we’re here to diagnose and repair a variety of dryer issues. Whether you need repairs for the gas or electric unit at your home, beauty salon, or church (ask about our church discount), we offer repairs for residential dryer models. So if your frustration is mounting because the laundry is piling up, take a deep breath and call in the experts. 

Did you know that most malfunctioning dryers can be fixed affordably and quickly? No need to rush out and buy a new dryer just because yours isn’t working properly. Save yourself some major cash and opt for professional repairs instead. One of our seasoned and certified technicians will evaluate your dryer to find the source of the problem, and then take the appropriate actions to repair the issue! Our washer-dryer repair services are available for most major appliance brands, and we can fix most problems on the spot. When you want a repair company you can trust for quality workmanship and fair pricing, Metropolitan Appliance Service is the pro for the job.


Unless you’re a seasoned DIY repairman (we have a parts department for you), ditch the dryer repair manual and keep yourself—and your family—safe by leaving your clothes dryer repair in the hands of trained professionals. Metropolitan Appliance Service has the experience and knowledge to do the job right - set up your repair service appointment today by calling us at 231-773-5441.

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