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Oven & Range Repair

There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal to get everyone around the table. We rely heavily on our household cooking appliances to help us whip up our signature meals. Recent advances have significantly improved the efficiency of cooking appliances; however, these advances have made repairs more complex when something breaks and appliances still aren’t indestructible. If you have a cooktop, oven, range, or hood that is showing signs of malfunction or general wear and tear, please give us a call. At Metropolitan Appliance Service, our oven and range repair specialists are available to troubleshoot your unit and get you back to serving your favorite meals in no time flat.

Image by Andrea Davis

Getting the oven repair service you need is necessary unless you want to be stuck cooking microwave dinners or ordering takeout. We feel it’s important that you don’t attempt the job of repairing your oven or range yourself because of potential fire hazards and safety risks involved. With over 50 years of direct industry experience, Metropolitan Appliance Service is ready to assist you in getting your cooking equipment back in full working order. Whether the issue has to do with a door gasket, heating element, or pilot light, our savvy technicians are equipped with the sophisticated parts and tools required to get you the results you need. Call us if your oven or range is exhibiting any of the following problems:





Don’t let a simple cooktop malfunction or oven defect keep you from enjoying delicious home-cooked meals. In addition to providing you with one of the fastest turn-around times in the Muskegon County area, we also keep our rates as affordable as possible, so you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the expert workmanship you deserve. Call us to schedule an appointment today at 231-773-5441.

  • Faulty Pilot Lights

  • Uneven or Inconsistent Heat

  • Defective Burners

  • Loose Wires or Connections

  • Interior Sparks

  • Malfunctioning Timers, Lights, or Dials

  • Insufficient or No Heat

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